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Here's what your neighbors have to say about Spindrift Contracting, LLC.

I cannot recommend Todd highly enough as a contractor and human being. I have relied on Todd's expertise, organizational skills, generosity, diligence and follow through on two large-scale construction projects. Both projects required significant amounts of coordination between builders in different disciplines. In both cases, Todd's contribution proved to be a critical element driving the work forward and ensuring the projects' success. Todd's professionalism, ethics, excellent communication skills, wealth of experience, and problem solving acumen make him a true pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to entrust him with more projects in the future. Indeed, I would be lucky to get on his waitlist given the demand I imagine he will command for his services as a contractor!

Anna Horn, Lander WY

Todd built a new deck for us last summer. It was a complex design which used unfamiliar materials, but he did a great job and gave us a wonderful deck which we have really enjoyed. He was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He consulted with us throughout the process and made many suggestions that did a lot to improve the result. He pays close attention to the details, and because of that we got a deck that is both structurally sound and attractive. Moreover, he was absolutely reliable--he is a very hard worker, and once he started the project he stayed with it until it was finished. Todd is also a really interesting guy, and it was just plain fun to get to know him. We will for sure hire him again!

Tom B, Lander WY

We have worked with Todd on several projects, most notably an amazing new free-standing deck that he designed and built. Todd is a master of details, very skilled and always professional. This deck is now our favorite place to hang out, and he designed it to be a “lifetime” asset to our property. It will outlive us! He communicated throughout the process, and was very clear from the jump regarding time frame, cost, questions he needed answered and has always been available to answer any of our questions as well. I will work with Todd again happily. He is a great find! 

Liz D, Lander, WY

It was an absolute pleasure working with Todd on a nearly complete remodel of our fixer home. Shortly after we purchased it, he came over for a consultation and walked us through options and strategies for approaching a fairly complicated project, which gave us clarity and set our minds at ease. He offered design ideas that fit our goals and our budget and played to his strengths as a carpenter. Among many other things, he installed gorgeous teak butcher block countertops in the kitchen and fitted the whole house with a interior hickory trim that he designed, with the top pieces cut at a slight flare that give the place a unique Japan meets Mountain West feeling. It is stunning.


Throughout the project, his communication was impeccable– prompt, precise and thorough– which did a lot to make the process run smoothly. He clearly put a lot of thought into every step, and when asked questions he was happy to explain his reasoning. When we faced delays with materials we ordered as the homeowners, he was patient and up front about rearranging his schedule to make it work for both of us.


Working with Todd could not have been better. His craftsmanship and care has made our house into a home. We will certainly be contacting him for future projects. Thank you Todd! 


Jack F. Lander WY

The shed looks great!  I really like the look with the finishing strips, and the shed is very solid too.  It flows well with the large shed and house.  I really appreciated how dependable and easy to work with you are!  You stayed on schedule and the final price was well within your estimate.

Kelly B, Lander WY

We have used Todd for a number of projects, from small to large (a deck with a pergola). We are always pleased with the outcome. Todd is a good communicator as well as a talented craftsman. He works hard to understand exactly what we want and is also great about providing reality checks to let us know how difficult or expensive a choice may be. Todd works efficiently and quickly while consistently turning out great work. We recommend Todd!


Bruce P.  Lander WY

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